The Midori Gallery is a wonderful two story Emporium with positively the most remarkable selection of Far Eastern Artifacts assembled in South Florida. Owner Sachi Wagner, with over 47 years of experience, is an authority in this commanding field of Art, specializing in China and Japan with elements of Korea, Tibet, India and South East Asia. She has garnered a premier collection of paintings and screens, textiles, porcelain and archaic ceramics, sculpture, furniture and tansu, netsuké, folk art and various collectible artifacts dating from 3500 BC to the 1920's.

A stroll through the two floors of Midori Gallery is as enriching as a culture experience as visiting a museum. This gallery is famed for its commitment to educating their enthusiastic clientele, believing that a thorough knowledge of the objects we admire can only further enhance our appreciation of their cultural significance and our enjoyment of the experience they bring into our lives. There are lectures and cultural events sponsored by the Midori Gallery each year. International guests and aficionados alike, are amazed to discover such an unparalleled collection of Asian antiquities offered right here in our charming village by the sea.