1. An antique Chinese 19th century ‘Hongmu’ (rosewood) incense burner stand with detailed pierced relief carving of various auspicious symbols, such as plum blossoms (strength and endurance), peach bows (longevity and wisdom) and bats (happiness and felicitation). The four cabriole legs are inserted in mitered mortise and tenon to the waist of the cantilevered top, and then further secured by a round bracketing shelf. They then finish with stylized ball and claw feet. The flower shaped marble inlay rests securely within the carved plum blossom framework of the top of the table.

Measuring 22 ¼” high by 22” diameter.



3. An elegant antique Chinese hongmu rectangular pedestal of traditional mitered mortise and tendon construction. The marble top is set within four frame members and joined to four corner legs that finish in scroll form feet. The apron and corner spandrels are a beautiful foliate lotus design with the interior shelf finished with a simple humpback apron and pearled edge. Circa 1860.

Measuring 32 ½" high by 16" wide by 12" deep.



4. An antique Chinese rosewood two-tiered pedestal of traditional mitered mortise and tendoned construction. Both the top and interior shelf are formed by four joined framed members within which floats a square panel; the spandrels carved in a beautiful foliate design. The squared corner legs are secured by interlocking shoulder joints and cross bracketing into the frame members of the lower shelf, finishing with elegant scroll feet.

Measuring 32" high by 16" square.


5. A most unusual antique Japanese miniature table sculpted in the form of timber bamboo suspended within rolling clouds. Bamboo is long associated with the Far East as a symbol of strength and endurance. The tabletop detailed in a surround of a relief carving of foliate kiku blossoms. Circa 1890.

Measuring 26" high by 16 ¾" wide by 13 ¼" deep.


6. An antique Chinese hongmu two tiered side table of traditional mortis and tenon construction. Both table top and interior shelf are formed by four interlocking frame members within which float a single panel. The legs are secured by inserted shoulder joints and the cross brackets of the interior shelf. The legs finish in hoof form feet. Circa 1840-60.

Measuring 32" high by 16 ½" wide by 12" deep.





7. A handsome pair of antique Chinese jichimu rectangular pedestals of traditional mortise and tendon construction. The top is formed by a panel set in four ice plate edge frame members above a recessed waist that is attractively detailed with pierced rectangular openings. The four legs are firmly secured by the apron, the interior shelf with railings and four cross brackets at the juncture of the hoof form feet. The apron has elegant carved guaizhi relief decoration and throughout there is fine pearled edge detail. Circa 1860.

Measuring 30 ¾" high by 15" wide by 10 ¼" deep.





8. An antique Chinese hongmu incense stand with apron spandrels that are detailed in pierced relief carvings of Celestial Dragons. The four cabriole legs are further sculpted and stylized interpretations of these auspicious mythological beasts. An eight-petal flower form top is inset with marble to function as insulation for the heated brazier. The lower shelf with central coin medallion (symbol of prosperity) serves as a cross bracketing to further secure the four legs. Circa 1860.

Measuring 32" high by 20 ½" diameter.



9. An antique Chinese Hong Mu (rosewood) set of four nested tables of traditional mitered mortise and tenoned construction. Each table is attractively detailed with stylized bamboo legs and frame members that surround the inset table tops. The aprons of each table are carved with open work foliate grapevines that further contribute to the structural integrity of the cross bracketing. Circa 1880.

Largest table measuring 27 ½” high by 19 ½” wide by 13 ¾” deep.



11. An 18th century Chinese hongmu (rosewood) side table with a cantilevered ice plate top formed by four mitered mortise and tenon joined frame members within which floats the top panel. The legs are secured by inserted shoulder joints along with interlocking cross bracketing and finish in classic hoof form feet.

Measuring 17 ½” square by 20 ¼” high.