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129. A netsuke study of a very congenial Gama Sennin wearing mugwort cape, resting upon a scholar’s rock with his companion the 3-legged toad of happiness. Carved of walrus ivory where the composition ingeniously incorporates the granular nerve cavity of this difficult material. This netsuke is so idiosyncratic as to be definitively attributed to Chogetsu. Mid-19th century. 

Height: 4.0 cm


130. Kokei, at his very sensitive best, this frog resting upon a worn raffia sandal is of extraordinary detail. The sandal’s woven fibers drape and separate in the most naturalistic manner and the frog has a quality of movement, even in his resting pose. The rope of the upturned sandal forms the natural himotoshi. Signed in a rectangular reserve with paper labels remaining from an old collection. Circa 1810.

Length: 4.8 cm



131. A richly patinated boxwood netsuke study of a drunken Ronin. He is seated wearing a fundoshi with his sword strapped to his back. With an expression of humorous inebriation, he grasps a tokuri in his left hand and a sake cup in his right. Upon careful examination, we realize that the artist has engraved the details of an overall body tattoo. The sword is inlaid in aogai, the eyes double inlaid in ivory and horn and the signature applied in an ivory plaque to the tokuri in the manner of a sake maker’s mark. Well-worn himotoshi. Signed Hidemasa.

Height: 4.1 cm