1. A powerful and commanding pair of antique Tibetan Temple Doors and surrounding architecture made of traditional construction of interlocking hand hewn timber with a rich tapestry of lacquered iconographic paintings. Celestial Dragons rise above a primordial sea alternating the universal axiom 'Mount Meru'. Leaping Kylin (a far eastern ancestor of the European Unicorn) grace the far corners of the double panel doors. The massive bronze door pulls are traditional Tao Tie Guardian masks. Within the eaves of the overhanging roof are further Tao Tie Guardians beneath a tier of Tibetan Deer and flying Dragons. Early 19th century.

Measuring 113 ½" high (when fully assembled) by 94" wide by 31" deep.



2. An elegant four-panel antique Chinese double sided coromandel screen comprised of traditional layered lacquer that is then hand carved and painted in lacquer pigments. The contrasting aesthetic of the two sides is most engaging as one side illustrates a narrative of village life and the stages of rice cultivation; the other is a regal display of phoenix birds on scholars' rocks beneath a paulownia tree with peonies, camellias, lotus and a variety of birds. The country narrative has a delightful border of birds and flora. The phoenix side has a more formal border of foliate lotus and a fabulous beast is depicted across the bottom of each of the four panels. Characteristic wear and crackling of the lacquer surface. Chia Ching Period 1796-1820.

Measuring approx. 72" high by 63" wide.